Launch Method 

for Christian Life Coaches



You have what it takes to build a business as a Christian life coach. 

You're just stuck in the gap.
The gap between having a passion to coach and having a business coaching. 
The gap between a simple, calm, and profitable life coaching business and knowing where to start.
Closing this gap is on the other side of the biggest hurdle Christian life coaches face.
The hurdle of knowing -


Who you help.
How you help them.
How much to charge for it.


It's being uncovered for free.

The 3-Step Launch Method Workshop 


The heart, mind, and MATH necessary to building the business Christian Life Coaches desire.





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Hi, I'm Amberly!

The Christian Life and Business Coach for Christian life coaches.


I started my life coaching business at the end of 2020. As a mom of five, I knew the importance of it being simple, sustainable, and scalable.


Two years later, and just shy of $400,000 as a life coach, I’m teaching and coaching other women how they can do the same.


Using the foundational steps I’m teaching in this free 90-minute workshop, you will uncover your own personal business hurdle. The first step in bridging the gap between your passion to coach and the coaching business you desire

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Here's what will be covered in the The 3-Step Launch Method Workshop:

  • How to successfully launch or re-launch your coaching business and create a life and business of margin.

  • The heart, mind, and math behind a simple, sustainable, and scalable coaching business.

  • How to create the business you desire, make an impact, WHILE maintaining your priorities with the ones you love most in life!

 For the first time in nine months and for the last time this year, I am teaching a LIVE 90-minute workshop:


The 3-Step Launch Method for Christian life coaches. 


Tuesday, December 13