The Christian Life Coach Academy is a Christian faith and value based business coaching program that helps women start and scale their calling.

As an expert in the sales and marketing that has created 6-figure businesses three times over and Christian Life Coach who has been trained by some of the top coaches in the industry, I give you the perfect combination of heart, mind, and math training to take your business to the next level.

You’ll learn how to make decisions, make offers, and start working with the people you’ve been called to help.

Creating a business that you run instead of a business that runs you, a business that isn't exhausting or hard.

You just need to be shown the way.



LIVE weekly group coaching via Zoom with Amberly. Implement what you learn, get coaching, identify and learn what keeps you you from moving forward. This level of coaching will teach you how to create the life and business you desire. Whether you are coached live or watch your peers get coached, each week will focus on the questions and circumstances applicable to us all. Replays of all calls (even past calls) will be available in the member site.


Join the private community group to connect with the women doing the same thing as you – building a business, while enjoying a real life. This is the place to get support, encouragement, and feedback from your peers. You will not get stuck in this program because you have a community of women doing this alongside you. 


This coaching program is unlike any other program available for Christian life coaches today. The investment in you and your business is coupled with an investment in your life. If neither of those are not where you desire them to be, it's because you are missing the tools inside this program. 


The Christian woman who wants to...

  • start and scale the calling God has on her life to bring hope, health, help, happiness, and healing, to others in some way, BUT doesn’t know how to start OR scale it calmly, simply, and stay present in life.

  • understand how life and business are related and learn how to manage the heart, mind, and math behind creating a simple and peaceful coaching business.

  • build her business without sacrificing the ones she loves most through hustle, grind, and burnout.

  • eliminate the chaos and confusion of building a coaching business.

  • create the certainty and capability needed to reach the financial goal she desires.

  • figure out how to work the number of hours per week that works best for her family and use her passion to create an income without burnout.

  • experience life and business coaching in a supportive and encouraging Christian community.

  •                                            make this life dream come true.


This is not a hobby. This is not a side hustle. This is a step by step process called The Deliberate Method. It is the heart, mind, and math behind success. Success YOU define. It could be more time, more energy, more fulfillment, or more money. You decide.

Your time is valuable, so it’s important you learn the actions you need to take to actually make money. Through the 5 C’s: content, calls to action, consults, conversions, and coaching. This investment is the one you need to start and scale the business you want. No complicated marketing strategies you hate, funnels, or begging people you know to buy your thing. This is where you will learn to BELIEVE in you and what you do, master value driven marketing and sales, and feel more capable in your life and business than you have before.

In the Christian Life Coach Academy, you will learn that there is no “special strategy” that I can impart to you to duplicate.

You will stop looking outside yourself and discover that you have the answers within you -- the exact way God created you and your purpose! My coaching and program helps you uncover it all and put it out into the world with the coaching and tools that I teach. I will teach you the real strategy, which is learning to manage your heart and your mind so you can show up consistently in growing your business while being present in your life and taking action.


No amount of content calendars, instagram hacks, pdf’s or freebies will overcome a weak belief system. In this program, you will finally be taught how to “Who Before How”... stepping into WHO He has created you to be, so you can DO what He has called you to do. You will learn that the way you THINK, changes everything.

With the tools and coaching in The Christian Life Coach Academy, you launch and build what you have been created to do without sacrificing the ones you love most.

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