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May 24, 2023- Episode 63: From Counseling to Coaching with Carol Frey

I am joined by Carol Frey a professional counselor turned life coach and mom of four who is passionate about putting a Christian perspective to coaching and therapy. During our discussion, Carol shares more on how she made the switch from counseling to coaching, gaining more clarity in her Christian vision and the power commit and constraint had on her own growth! 

January 11, 2023- Episode 45: Mastermind Stories

Thanks for joining me today. I invited three ladies in my current Mastermind group, Chelle, Carol and Lori, to have a conversation with me today about their stories of how they stepped fully into their calling and found their way into Christian Life coaching. You’ll find their stories inspiring, and if you find yourself resonating with their stories, now is the time to check out the Mastermind.  

January 4, 2023- Episode 44: A New Year of Disruptions and Distractions

Happy New Year! Thanks for joining Amberly today as she opens up the new year potentially stepping on some toes with today’s topic.  There is one predominant thought error that holds us back from building and growing the business we desire. In 2023, it’s time to step up and be the thought leader you need to be for your business. You can build and grow your business alongside a life that is filled with disruptions and distractions.

December 7, 2022- Episode 42: 3 Step Launch Method

As she prepares to teach her live workshop on December 13th, Amberly is sharing three questions that need to be answered to help you continue your coaching business in a place of peace and calm in your life.  Reserve your spot today for the 3 Step Launch Method Workshop, which focuses around the heart, the mind and the math - the strategy necessary to creating, sustaining and scaling the coaching business that Christian life coaches desire.

September 7, 2022- Episode 30: Your Failures Tell the Story

Do you know how many things I’ve tried AND FAILED AND FELT “LIKE A FAILURE”?

Do you know how many of those things I would be all fired up about one minute and then didn’t want to do the next?

To me, failing is anything that makes me feel embarrassed, rejected, inadequate, or like an imposter.

In business, that means ALMOST ALL OF IT. 🤪🥴

From photo shoots to live videos.

From sending weekly emails to sales sequences.

From paid advertising to podcasting.

From explaining to family and friends what I “actually do”— to continually stepping out and doing something new.

Your actions will tell the story.

As will, your INACTIONS. 😉

Your actions and inactions tell the story of what you really want.

The story of what you’re willing and not willing to do — those things that might cause you to feel embarrassed or rejected or inadequate or “LIKE” a failure.

Feeling “like a failure” is part of the story.

Being WILLING to fail is part of the story.

Failing — IS — the actual story.

July 20th- Episode 24: The Power or Pressure of Your (Business) Investments

Thanks for joining Amberly today as she shares how to experience the POWER vs the PRESSURE in Your (Business) Investments.  Oh, boy.  This one is 🔥🔥🔥!  Do you struggle with feeling like you’ve bought too many courses, programs or coaching?  If you feel like you “aren’t doing it right” or are “falling behind” because you can’t get everything you need to learn from the modules to make your business work”?  

Newsflash: YOUR THOUGHTS CREATE THE (lack of) RESULTS IN YOUR BUSINESS.  Stop wasting time beating yourself up and telling yourself you don’t have the time to learn what you need to to build your business.  Wanna know what builds your business?  THOUGHTS ABOUT SERVING THE PEOPLE GOD HAS CREATED YOU TO HELP AND TAKING ACTION.

PS - even if it were true that you “don’t have enough time to watch all the modules” — your screen time would tell a different story. Today I had everyone look at theirs.

February 16, 2022- Episode 2: Renewed Thought Creation

How do we condition our thoughts?  How transform our thinking in our daily life?  Amberly is here to help us know how we show up in life and business.

February 9, 2022-Episode 1: Our Steps and Our Stories

Thank you so much for tuning into today to the Christian Life and Business Coach. Amberly is sharing her story with you today, and challenging you to steps to writing your own. 

Introducing The Christian Life Coach & Business Podcast

The Christian Life Coach Business Podcast is for all the high-achieving Christian women in the world who want to create a 6-figure (& beyond) coaching business. WHILE prioritizing Biblical womanhood in the home. Amberly Deavours is a certified life coach and married mom of five. She has the experience of creating multiple six figure businesses from both hype and hustle, AND peace and calm. While you walk, drive, or simply close your eyes and listen, follow along in the journey of all things: Christian. Woman. Mother. Life. Coach. And Business. Together, let’s step into WHO God created us to be so we can DO what He’s called us to do as Christian Coaches. And of course, from a place of peace and calm.