January 25, 2023- Episode 47: At Best and At Worst Beliefs

I’ve recently experienced a business breakthrough that actually came about from a marriage breakthrough. I’ve had a lot of coaching on doubt, failure and disbelief, but today, I’m sharing with you some questions to help you determine your best and your worst beliefs. We can’t spend all day coaching ourselves on our negative feelings. At some point we have to take action and we need to do that from a positive perspective. When it comes to your goals, let yourself believe for a little while. It will be worth it.

January 18, 2023- Episode 46: Revenue Breakdown and Revenue Plans

Today we’re talking numbers - specifically revenue. If conversations about numbers trigger you in any way, it is okay not to listen to this show. This show is for those who do want to learn more about revenue building and generating, so that you can grow your business. I’m breaking down my revenue for 2022 and sharing my revenue plans for 2023. Hopefully today's episode will inspire you to believe in yourself as you set your revenue goals for the new year.

January 11, 2023- Episode 45: Mastermind Stories

Thanks for joining me today. I invited three ladies in my current Mastermind group, Chelle, Carol and Lori, to have a conversation with me today about their stories of how they stepped fully into their calling and found their way into Christian Life coaching. You’ll find their stories inspiring, and if you find yourself resonating with their stories, now is the time to check out the Mastermind.  

January 4, 2023- Episode 44: A New Year of Disruptions and Distractions

Happy New Year! Thanks for joining Amberly today as she opens up the new year potentially stepping on some toes with today’s topic.  There is one predominant thought error that holds us back from building and growing the business we desire. In 2023, it’s time to step up and be the thought leader you need to be for your business. You can build and grow your business alongside a life that is filled with disruptions and distractions.

December 14, 2022- Episode 43: Building Breaks into Your Business

 This week on the podcast I spoke about creating breaks in your business. Building breaks into your business even in the normal working day and week.  It is possible to honor the priorities of your home, your family and your children and build a successful business, while building in breaks from your business for holidays and family time, even from social media.  Taking a break from “business braining” is one of the best ways to come back strong for the new year.

Focus on these things in your life and business:

✨ Building breaks into your business. 

✨Constraining your thinking when it’s not working hours.

✨Spending time being present and engaged.

December 7, 2022- Episode 42: 3 Step Launch Method

As she prepares to teach her live workshop on December 13th, Amberly is sharing three questions that need to be answered to help you continue your coaching business in a place of peace and calm in your life.  Reserve your spot today for the 3 Step Launch Method Workshop, which focuses around the heart, the mind and the math - the strategy necessary to creating, sustaining and scaling the coaching business that Christian life coaches desire.

November 20, 2022- Episode 41: Lessening Your Recovery Time

Thanks for joining Amberly today as she shares 5 things she learned during a time of overwhelm that helped to change her mindset.  Using God’s Word and little “t” truths, these lessons learned not only helped in her personal life, but changed her business practices when she implemented them in her coaching business.

November 16, 2022- Episode 40: The Last Six Weeks

Thanks for joining Amberly today. As we prepare to end this year and quarter of our businesses, Amberly is sharing wisdom about how to continue prioritizing the things that are most important, not only in your business, but in your life as well. It is important to not do anything for our personal lives and business lives from a place of beating yourself up, so listen in today to find the permission you need to finish strong and get what you need done for your personal business.  

November 9, 2022- Episode 39: Repeating and Repurposing Your Content and Business

Thanks for joining Amberly today.  Amberly is talking about content as the pillar of your business, but also sharing about how we need to continually repeat and repurpose your actual business.  You don’t have to keep recreating.  You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.  You don’t have to redefine as much as you need to refine in these early stages of business growth.

November 2, 2022- Episode 38: The Bad News About Business

Thanks for joining Amberly today. You know that you can always get authenticity and honesty from Amberly on this podcast. Today’s episode is just to bring us back to reality that sometimes what we think will happen when we arrive at our business goals, isn’t actually what happens. We have to commit and constrain, rather than reinventing the wheel. We often don’t give something the chance to scale or to become easier or more simple, because we don’t repeat it again, thinking there is a better way to do it.  Listen in today for some raw wisdom on how to face the bad news and move your business forward.

October 26, 2022- Episode 37: Christian Life Coach Academy Feedback

Thanks for joining Amberly today. If you have the desire to go all in on your dreams and ambitions for your coaching business, today’s show is for you. Amberly shares real feedback from some of her clients about how their businesses have grown, how they are making back their investment in themselves and creating thriving coaching businesses. If you have any doubt, listen in today and come and join the academy community.

October 19, 2022- Episode 36: A Listen Inside The Bountiful Business Retreat

Thanks for joining Amberly today as she gives an overview description of The Bountiful Business Retreat that she is hosting for the women of the Christian Life Coach Academy this week.  The word “bountiful” is used in scripture six times.  We are blessed bountifully, we can be generous in this life.  As we reap bountifully, we can sow bountifully in the lives of others.  The conference includes topics like creating a vision, a new stragey for marketing your business to your best clients from a place of their desire that creates urgency, cleaning up the model and recovery time.  Stay tuned for future episodes covering some of these conference topics.

October 12, 2022- Episode 35: SEASONS: Ministry to Our Local Churches

Today is a special episode.  Recently, Amberly was asked to speak at her home church, New Covenant Church’s women’s event.  You will be blessed as you listen to her encourage other women at that event, and share her story.  There will always be busy seasons, seasons of hustle, but no matter what season you find yourself in, there are two things we can’t sacrifice: 1) your family and 2) using the incredible gifts the Lord has given you through your local church family ministry.  God can and will use the story He is writing in your life, in your current season to encourage others along the way.

October 5, 2022- Episode 34: Interview with Academy member, Katy Frankie

Thanks for joining Amberly today as she interviews Christian business coach and mom of 10, Katie Frankie.  Katie shares her entire story of waking from a dream that led her to seek out personal coaching, which in turn led her into business coaching to help other moms.  She is a member of the academy and the mastermind group.  This conversation will inspire you as you pursue your own coaching business. 

September 28, 2022- Episode 33: Your Greatest Business Asset

I consider it a great privilege that God called me to work with Christian women like you in your coaching business.

What this means for you, is that you understand Ephesians 2:10: “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them”.

What this means for me, is that I get to remind you when you forget.

One of the ways that we work through this (and spoiler alert, rarely is anything a one and done in your business) is strengthening and renewing your mind in belief.

We work through this with a BELIEF PLAN. Through the belief plan process that I teach, you look for the evidence you DO HAVE that you were called to this work. You create your goals and achieve your dreams from this place.

Believe it or not, your income and impact plan COMES from BELIEF.

And LIVES transformed.

You think about the income you want to create in your business, what you charge in your packaging, and the results you deliver with your offer -- how many sales will it take to reach that goal?

When creating your BELIEF PLAN, get your three worst fears out of the way.

Write them down.

Take a REAL HARD look at them.

How do those fears feel?

What thoughts are coming up?

This is important in your belief plan, because the business you desire is on the other side of these fears.

Your fears aren’t one and done either, so that’s why I coach you on what to do as you do the emotional behind the scenes work of your business.

As part of Belief Plan coaching, I have a list of questions I ask. For now, I want you to get started with these three so you can take action today in your business.

Why DO you love coaching?

What is always 100% in your control?

What experience and evidence do you already have that this is the work for you?

I actually have access to this entire training for you in my instagram bio, so if you’re not following there - head on over there to grab this training!

I’ll actually send you a handful of videos to help you in your coaching business when you do!

September 21, 2022- Episode 32: Being Who He Created You to Be in Motherhood & Business

Have I said this before in a million different places? Why, YES, I have. But with the way our brains work - we must hear this OVER AND OVER AND OVER again!

It’s like I was telling my girls the other day…

If you focus on the gifts and talents God has give OTHER PEOPLE in (volleyball, artistic ability, looks, you name it) then you WON’T be focusing on the ways he’s gifted you: hospitable, friendly, funny, etc.)

AND THE SAME GOES FOR YOU AND FOR ME in our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s.

When I started my life coaching business, I had experienced 6-figure success in a different business.

During those few years of that business, I had learned everything about online marketing and group coaching and setting up facebook pages and implementing systems.

While yes, I took the time to learn how to market online through my friends Google and YouTube and little courses and programs, there was the most important part of business that couldn’t be “researched”.

It was what set me apart.

It’s what sets you apart.

It is THE part God Himself has created in you and in me.

It’s the part He has created Through mentoring and meeting people where they were in their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health through various ministry, personal development, and life experience.

All of my life, I had basically been “coaching”.

Just like you.

It’s why you are here.

It’s the fire behind the business you desire.

But here is the truth:

Being passionate about spurring others to step into the highest version of themselves God created them to be IS NOT ENOUGH to create a business.

It doesn’t always yield clients.

You MUST KNOW the foundation of starting your business.

It starts with:

Believing you’re a life coach.

Trusting you’ve been created FOR THIS.

Knowing HOW to package and price your offer.

Communicating this VALUE to others.

Having a simple client system for consults, invoicing, your personal process for coaching, and scheduling.

I help you with each step in The Christian Life Coach Academy.

BUT, the decision is all yours.

The decision is continually believing that the world needs who God created you to be, and continually trusting that those dreams were planted in you for a reason.

Having journals and printables of all your ideas IS NOT ENOUGH to create a business.

You MUST IMPLEMENT the foundation of starting your business.

And you must do so simply so you can honor your FIRST priorities.

We actually had a conversation about this recently in the CLA. As a matter of fact, I am going to insert the moment in this call that I shared some thoughts on motherhood and business that was also being talked about with a client I was coaching.

Let’s listen…

As you can hear, there is more than meets the eye in The Academy.

We coach on LIFE and each step of your business in The Christian Life Coach Academy.

The decision is continually believing that the world needs who God created you to be, and continually trusting that those dreams were planted in you for a reason.

September 14, 2022- Episode 31: Embrace Beginning

I am where I am in my coaching business, because I know each and every day, with each and every idea, each and every client, each and every podcast, there is something brand new.

A new lesson for me to learn.

A new experience.

A new person connecting.

It’s always new.

Always beginning.

Always a beginner.

Seriously, I consider myself a beginner EVEN 5 years into this.

Multiple niches, multiple business models, and multiple six figures later.

There is ONE thought that has kept me going, trying, failing, and succeeding.


The way to carry that thought into every idea, every consult, every social media post, every new experience or skill you acquire in your business journey of life coaching is to embrace it.

Embrace being a beginner.

Will it be:



Keep embracing it.

When you don't embrace being a beginner, you’ll start and stop, compare yourself to others, and have yourself convinced “it’s not meant for you”.

When you DO embrace being a beginner, you have your head down learning your lessons, failing your failures, and building your business by serving your clients.

Keep beginning.

That’s the exact path to impact.

That’s the exact path to income.

That’s how YOU create the exact path to your dreams.

One beginning at a time.

September 7, 2022- Episode 30: Your Failures Tell the Story

Do you know how many things I’ve tried AND FAILED AND FELT “LIKE A FAILURE”?

Do you know how many of those things I would be all fired up about one minute and then didn’t want to do the next?

To me, failing is anything that makes me feel embarrassed, rejected, inadequate, or like an imposter.

In business, that means ALMOST ALL OF IT. 🤪🥴

From photo shoots to live videos.

From sending weekly emails to sales sequences.

From paid advertising to podcasting.

From explaining to family and friends what I “actually do”— to continually stepping out and doing something new.

Your actions will tell the story.

As will, your INACTIONS. 😉

Your actions and inactions tell the story of what you really want.

The story of what you’re willing and not willing to do — those things that might cause you to feel embarrassed or rejected or inadequate or “LIKE” a failure.

Feeling “like a failure” is part of the story.

Being WILLING to fail is part of the story.

Failing — IS — the actual story.

August 31, 2022- Episode 29: Identifying Emotions to Move You Forward

In today’s podcast Amberly shares how a recent decision she made allowed her to see three MASSIVE emotions that have been holding her back from some places she wants to take her business.

Listen in as she shares how you can snap out of the Start and Quit Cycle when you’re feeling exhausted, uninspired, unmotivated, tired, confused, overwhelmed, sad, and just thinking maybe you’re lazy.

If you want to TAKE ACTION in your business today, listen in as Amberly shares with you HOW as you identify YOUR specific feelings and thoughts needed to create the business of YOUR dreams.

August 24, 2022- Episode 28: Back in the Game

Join Amberly today as she shares both LIFE and BUSINESS tips as it relates to managing our minds and emotions.

May want to grab your pen and journal for this one as she shares HOW, WE as life coaches step up and serve.

Additionally, The Christian Life Coach Academy is currently open for enrollment, but will be closing soon.

Listen to THIS episode to hear all about something new she is testing for coaches in The Academy. Not only is there life coaching and business coaching, she is adding a “Coach Equipping Call” for the month of September so YOU can be better equipped as a coach. The better you are at coaching…the better business you build.

August 17, 2022- Episode 27: When You're Overwhelmed

One of the listener favorites around here is that Amberly, as a mom of five, and multi-six figure business owner, is vulnerable, authentic, and transparent. She is an example of what’s possible when it comes to life AND business, but she is no unicorn and does not steer away from the parts that are hard and challenging. In today’s episode, Amberly unintentionally takes us down the path of a series that began last week.

A follow up from last week’s episode of: what you do in life and business when you’re unmotivated and uninspired to what you do this week: when you’re OVERWHELMED. You will feel encouraged, inspired, and have some take aways to apply if and when YOU might feel overwhelmed in life or business. As you’ve heard her say a million times: “Life and business happen alongside one another. How you show up in life is how you’ll show up in business.”

If you’re new around here, the first step to get to know Amberly a little more and have access to some free training, coaching, and teaching, is to start with YOUR personal Belief Plan for the business you desire. This is from a workshop Amberly hosted this summer for her students in The Christian Life Coach Academy.


Business Belief Plan Free Training:



August 10, 2022-Episode 26: Unmotivated and Uninspired

Thanks for joining Amberly today. It's easy to think your entrepreneurship journey as a life coach has to look a certain way or like someone else's to be "successful". It's easy to think you have to have EVERYTHING ready before you begin: your office, your background, your life, your home. I'm here to assure you, YOU DON'T. If any of us wait to start until we or "it" is ready - we will either never start or simply delay helping the ones God has created us to help.

In this episode, I share the behind the scenes of how my life and environment was anything BUT ready before I created The Christian Life Coach Academy and had *I* waited, the women I am coaching wouldn't be coaching HUNDREDS of women collectively. Additionally, they wouldn't be making an income to give generously to the Kingdom and meet the needs (and desires) of their families.


In fact, just this week, my client Chelle will hit the first $25K in her business and she began her business 3 months ago WHILE working her full-time job.


July 27th- Episode 25: Interview with Jenn Boughey, 6-Figure Life Coach

Thanks for joining me today as I interview my friend and colleague, Jenn Boughey.

On this 🔥episode, “It’s like we were on the phone”…

that’s how my mom described a recent episode and that is how I’ll describe THIS episode with my dear friend and fellow life coach, @jennboughey.

Jenn and I made the fatal mistake 😂 of scheduling 45 minutes for the podcast when we hadn’t had a real conversation in TOO LONG.

We made up for it by calendaring in a 2-hour phone convo just a few days later! 😍

One of my favorite things Jenn shared in this episode was about her personal transformation.

I’ll sum it up in this quote: “I had a new spirit but an old mindset.”

Jenn is a mom of 4. Licensed counselor. LIFE COACH. As a business owner, she sells what her heart is passionate about and prices her packages just a little more than feels comfortable.

Jenn has the experience of both 1:1 coaching AND group coaching and shares both where she overdelivers and undercharges.

My second favorite thing Jenn said in this episode - that aligns with my mission to lead others in impact and income WHILE prioritizing biblical womanhood in the home is this:

“I have to feel good about my time away from family. It has to make time to step away to spend time in my business.”

You’re WELCOME to join us in our conversation.

It’ll feel just like we’re on the phone...

July 20th- Episode 24: The Power or Pressure of Your (Business) Investments

Thanks for joining Amberly today as she shares how to experience the POWER vs the PRESSURE in Your (Business) Investments.  Oh, boy.  This one is 🔥🔥🔥!  Do you struggle with feeling like you’ve bought too many courses, programs or coaching?  If you feel like you “aren’t doing it right” or are “falling behind” because you can’t get everything you need to learn from the modules to make your business work”?  

Newsflash: YOUR THOUGHTS CREATE THE (lack of) RESULTS IN YOUR BUSINESS.  Stop wasting time beating yourself up and telling yourself you don’t have the time to learn what you need to to build your business.  Wanna know what builds your business?  THOUGHTS ABOUT SERVING THE PEOPLE GOD HAS CREATED YOU TO HELP AND TAKING ACTION.

PS - even if it were true that you “don’t have enough time to watch all the modules” — your screen time would tell a different story. Today I had everyone look at theirs.

July 13, 2022- Episode 23: Marketing to Your Parents

Thanks for joining Amberly today as she shares tips and tools about how to market your growing coaching business to your parents and family members.  It is more important than ever before to create a clear strategy and be able to explain what you do to your parents, husband, family members, so that you can continue to work on your business plan and rise above the noise of online marketing as you gain clients.

July 6, 2022- Episode 22: Default and Deliberate Thinking In Life and Business

Thanks for joining Amberly today as she shares about default vs. deliberate thinking. This isn’t a new concept, but it is truly important for both life and business.  Our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings create our actions and our actions determine the things that show up in our lives as results.  

June 29, 2022- Episode 21: Unconditional Love For Your Business "Baby"

Thanks for joining Amberly today as she shares valuable and practical insights to help you grow your business.  Listen as she shares three ways to have unconditional love through the phases of your business, as compared to how you would care for a human child.

June 22, 2022- Episode 20: Interview with Wynne Elder: Rhythms Life Coach and Member of The Christian Life Coach Academy

Thanks for joining Amberly today as she has a conversation with guest and Christian LIfe Coach Academy member, Wynne Elder.  Wynne coaches overwhelmed moms to find rhythms to their busy lives.  Listen in as Amberly and Wynne discuss some great practices to help grow her business for the future.

June 15, 2022 - Episode 19: The Power of Asking Good Questions

Thanks for joining Amberly today as she discusses the power of asking good questions, not only in our coaching businesses, but also in coaching ourselves. How you build your thoughts and your beliefs about why you are doing what you are doing is all about asking good questions.  


A note from Amberly: Wouldn't you know I would find the ACTUAL questions I was referencing in this podcast. I always come up with something I missed - and guess what - you will, too - every step of the way!

Here are the ACTUAL 5 Questions You can Ask Yourself:

  1. Where am I doubting?
  2. What would I be doing if I believed what I have done until now has worked, is working, and will continue to work?
  3. How could I choose to indulge in belief > disbelief?
  4. Where could I simplify even more in my business: marketing, planning, and most importantly, THINKING?
  5. What are the results I can celebrate now?
June 8, 2022 -  Episode 18: Interview with Biblical Instagram Coach, Annie Rohde

 Thanks for joining Amberly today as she welcomes Biblical Instagram coach, Annie Rohde to the show.  Amberly and Annie discuss great ways that you can use strategy on Instagram to market your business, while keeping a biblical perspective and a christian worldview at the forefront of all you do on social media.

June 1, 2022 - Episode 17: Lowering Cognitive Overload

Thanks for joining Amberly today as she discusses how to take an audit of your social media accounts - your digital input - in an effort to lower the cognitive load in your personal life, as well as your business. We have to make space for the things that matter because so much of our time is already accounted for.

May 25, 2022- Episode 16: Seasons of Motherhood and Life in Your Business

Thanks for joining Amberly today as she discusses her summer plans for her family and her business.  Evaluating how things have gone in your business, and then making a plan for pulling back and trusting the results to God, will bring you freedom and joy for both your family and business this summer.

May 18, 2022- Episode 15: Starting Before You're Ready

Thanks for joining Amberly today as she discusses starting things for your business growth before we have everything figured out.  When things are too hard, too scary or even too uncomfortable when we’re starting out, we often shy away from doing things that will help our business to grow.  Today’s show will encourage you to stop putting it off, challenge yourself not to quit, lean in and just get started. 

May 11, 2022- Episode 14: 5 Shifts to the Coaching Business You Desire

Thanks for joining Amberly today as she discusses the 5 shifts you need to move your Christian coaching business forward.  What happens in life, happens in business, so these practices are beneficial for you in every aspect of your life.

May 4, 2022- Episode 13: Creation of Ideas

Thanks for joining Amberly today as she discusses the creation of ideas for business.  We come into the world with ideas, but we all need to learn how to constrain our brains and not jump from one thing to another, so we can get traction to accomplish our big ideas for our business goals.  

Connect with Amberly:

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April 27, 2022- Episode 12: My Recommended One to One Business Model

Thanks for joining Amberly today as she explains and recommends the best practices for her one to one Christian life coaching business model.  She’ll walk you through the different models that might be recommended to you out there, but listen in today as she shares, from her own experience with her clients, what will truly work and be successful for your christian life coaching business.  


Connect with Amberly:

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Lyndi Goodman’s Episode:  https://sites.libsyn.com/397511/episode-6-interview-with-christian-life-coach-academy-member-lyndi-goodman

April 20, 2022- Episode 11- Buffering in your business

Thanks for joining Amberly today as she explains to us what buffering is in our personal lives as well as our business lives, and how we can overcome this feeling and practice to go on to be more successful and fully experience our lives and businesses.  



April 13, 2022- Episode 10: PART TWO: My Thoughts on Certification, Types of Life Coaching, and The Evolution of Amberly Deavours Coaching

Thanks for joining Amberly today as she continues last week’s episode and teaches us about certifications, life coaching and what led her to create her own coaching business. 

April 6, 2022- Episode 9: PART ONE: My Thoughts on Certification, Types of Life Coaching, and The Evolution of Amberly Deavours Coaching

Thanks for joining Amberly today as she teaches us about certifications and life coaching and what led her to create her own coaching business. 

March 30, 2022-Episode 8: Key To Success In Life Coaching Business-Being Willing to Feel

Today on the show Amberly shares the importance of being able to feel all the emotions that come with starting a business and how it is key to success. 

March 23, 2022-Episode 7: Managing Time In Your Coaching Business As A Mom

Today on the show Amberly is coaching us on how to manage our time as we create our coaching businesses. She authentically shares where she’s failed and succeeded in order to help us avoid the same mistakes. 

March 16, 2022- Episode 6: Interview with Christian Life Coach Academy Member, Lyndi Goodman

Today, Amberly is welcoming a friend and coaching client, Lyndi Goodman to the show.  Lyndi tells her story of how she become a life coach, and she and Amberly discuss things they’ve learned in the process

March 9, 2022- Episode 5: Key To Success In Life Coaching Business-Who Before How

In this episode, Amberly walks you through the establishment of the who before the how of your business and how crucial it is in building your foundation. 

March 2, 2022- Episode 4: Christian Values and Your Business

In this episode, Amberly shares an interview she gave to the 29-minute mom.  She shares the core of her heart and mind behind the Christian values in her business.

February 23, 2022-Episode 3: Stepping Into Our Calling

Amberly continues to share her personal story about how she learned to climb the mountain of depression and hopelessness. She gives us practical steps we can take today to step into exactly what God has called us to. 

February 16, 2022- Episode 2: Renewed Thought Creation

How do we condition our thoughts?  How transform our thinking in our daily life?  Amberly is here to help us know how we show up in life and business.

February 9, 2022-Episode 1: Our Steps and Our Stories

Thank you so much for tuning into today to the Christian Life and Business Coach. Amberly is sharing her story with you today, and challenging you to steps to writing your own. 

Introducing The Christian Life Coach & Business Podcast

The Christian Life Coach Business Podcast is for all the high-achieving Christian women in the world who want to create a 6-figure (& beyond) coaching business. WHILE prioritizing Biblical womanhood in the home. Amberly Deavours is a certified life coach and married mom of five. She has the experience of creating multiple six figure businesses from both hype and hustle, AND peace and calm. While you walk, drive, or simply close your eyes and listen, follow along in the journey of all things: Christian. Woman. Mother. Life. Coach. And Business. Together, let’s step into WHO God created us to be so we can DO what He’s called us to do as Christian Coaches. And of course, from a place of peace and calm.